I needed to read this today

Today, I’m a bit stuck. New ideas keep tickling me, and I’m dying to move on to something else.

So, I decided to get out and explore the world a bit, see what would shake loose. This is my M.O., see? I sit around, try really hard not to think about writing until my head cracks open and new words fly out.

I went to the library, read newspapers, played around on Pinterest, and finally found myself picking through Twitter.

I was resigned that there would be no writing today…

And then this:

The 7 Cardinal Virtues of Successful Writers by Rob D. Young

I clicked the link, skimming the article preparing for a bout of self flagellation for being sinful, and then I got to the part about Self Control…

Sometimes you’ll need the simple, harsh self-control to finish your current work, even at the expense of your “next great idea.”

Yikes. Truth.

So. I’m not going to sit around and wring my hands, whining that everything that flows through my fingers is trite, pretentious, hypocritical or pedestrian.

I’m not going to make excuses about “not feeling it.” (Although it is one of my favorites)

I’m just going to write, dammit!

See you in 2000 words.


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