NSFW-021211 late

Thanks to cosmogirl7481 for chapter 2 pic prompt.

*What’s ur ETA?*
I slosh through the wet and look both ways before crossing.
Shiver as icy air hits freshly shaven skin.
*5 min*

I cringe. Ass clenching in anticipation.
I knock.
Flash of dark and green and cold.
“Come in,” he says.
Heels click on hard wood.

Knees and hands I crawl upstairs. Bare. Ready for slaps that don’t come.
He follows slowly.
I hear his disappointed steps.
The door closes.

“Stand,” he says.
I hold the foot rail for support as I sway on shaky heels.
He sits, frowning. “No cock tonight, kitty.”
I whimper.
He grins.

He points to the brass knob.
I cock my head.
He raises a brow.
(fuck that?)
He frees his cock, fisting it roughly.
I swallow and straddle.

He nods.
I slide, pendulum-like, watching him.
His brow furrowed, eyes piercing where cock wants to go; thrusting into hands.
I slide on.

“Fuck it,” he says.
Hard cold metal fills me, makes me ache. I move in time with him. Clit meets metal when I plunge deeper.
Knees shake.

“Bend forward,” he says, standing.
He steadies me, strong arms, cock brushing my lips.
“Take it.”
Hard and slick in me: mouth and cunt. Gently.

Building ache is the only sensation. I moan.
“Do it,” he says. “Make me come with you.”
I grip thighs and the brass as I come.
He groans.
I drink.

He lifts me; cuddles me.
I’m empty, but so full; nuzzling his ear, sniffing.
He leaves.
Rushing water.
He carries me to the tub.


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