worth a thousand words

The “Domme”

Hm. Here’s a good one. I wonder if anyone will join me, if I use something a little more subtle this time?

The picture of the woman kind of looked like me. Although, she was wearing cargo pants. I would never wear those, but I would read a book.

Well, unless the man in the picture was lying across my stomach watching me, then I’d be….

Wait. Not yet.

I download the pic from a website to my computer. Then, I add it to the board.

I include a message that I’m interested in chatting.

It’s not up long before I get a reply.

#360446238: Hi, bookworm…wanna chat?

#360446276: I can’t.

#360446238: Why not?

#360446276: I’m reading. Leave me alone.

Now. Here’s the test: If he’s smart, he’ll play along. If he’s an idiot, he’ll get offended and ignore.

#360446238: Mind if I lay my head right here? *points at your belly button*


OK. I’ll play.

I pull my sweatpants down and grab a towel off the stack in the laundry basket by my bed.

I sit my naked ass on the towel, pull my cone vibe out of the drawer at my desk and set it on the cheap laminate top. The size used to intimidate me. Now, it makes me wet.

#360446276: *shrugs*

I pull my hair up into a ponytail and run my hands under my pink Power Rangers t-shirt, tweaking my nipples a bit. They’re way bigger than the chick in the picture.

I smile.

#360446238: *Pulls shirt and pants off*

#360446276: *cocks eyebrow, but doesn’t look away from book*

OK. Mr. 38. Let’s see what you’ve got.

#360446238: *nuzzles nose toward your thighs*


I’m about to log off and troll some other pic sites when his next message pops up.

#360446238: *rolls head back to watch you read. Casually wraps an arm around your ankles*

Hm. So far, he’s just going with the pic. I guess it’s too soon to get rid of him.

I decide to test the waters a little.

#360446276: Comfortable?

#360446238: Mm… *gazes at your hardened nipples* *mouth watering*

#360446238: No.

Fuck. Um…

#360446276: No?

#360446238: *rolls over on side*

#360446238: *pulls hand up holding a…*

I wait for it.

Shit. What’s he holding?

I look at the picture. Both of the pic man’s hands are out of view. He could have fucking anything.

I’m soaking.

What’s he waiting for?

I start typing: “Are you still there?” I don’t press submit because it’s REALLY bad form to step out of character, but I’m dying…where the fuck is he…?

Well…I presume it’s a “he,” but it could be a “she.”

Well, statistically, that’s highly unlikely, but…it could happen.

I don’t dwell on it too long, because 38 finally responds.

#360446238: *hands you a piece of paper* I finished my list.

#360446276: What list?

#360446238: Don’t be coy. You know what list I’m talking about. Where’s yours?

Fuck. I have NO idea what he’s talking about.

I try to dig deep into my kinky nature…well…I don’t really have one, but I’m digging deep in my weird brain, anyway.

I got nothin’. So I decide to go fishing.

#360446276: Oh, right. THAT list. It’s in the back of my book. I’ve been waiting for you to bring it up.

#360446276: *pulls own list out and hands it to you*

#360446238: *opens your list* Hm. Interesting. Looks like you have very few hard limits. That’s good, neither do I.


Ohhhh. He’s talking about…I think.

I’ve only ever read about BDSM. A few fanfics. It’s certainly intriguing, but I’m not sure that’s the way I roll.

On the other hand, I am here to role play.

#360446276: *sets book down* Yeah? Well what do you like best?

#360446238: I like pain.

Uh…is he gonna spank me or what?

#360446276: Really?

#360446238: Yeah. I mean…if you look at my list, you’ll see.

Oh, shit. Oh….that’s what he was doing. I see that he’s uploaded a pic of a long list of kinky shit. Most of it is marked “likes a lot.” … even piss play and defecation. Ick. Only bestiality, breath and blood-play are hard limits.

I see “submissive” written at the top. The handwriting is angular and sloppy, like a doctor’s.

I try not to jump to any conclusions, though. He’s probably a thirteen-year-old boy, who likes to make fun of twenty-something social idiots like me.

It does happen, especially here….

I mean, he could have found that pic anywhere.

OK. NOT jumping to conclusions.

#360446276: Well, this is certainly interesting.

I run through all the things in my head I think I’m supposed to do at this point. I’m the Domme, right? So…I just need to tell him what to do.

Fuck, so much for being a passive little girl, getting some hot stranger to talk you to orgasm.

Then again…the thought of telling him what to do makes my belly tingle.

#360446276: *grabs your hair and pulls you off belly* I was reading, and you interrupted me, you wicked boy.

Take that.

#360446238: *looks down in submission*


That WORD.

#360446276: You think I’m at your beck-and-call? Huh? I was trying to relax. And here you sit, whining pathetically for me to scratch an itch?

#360446238: I just wanted to be close to You, Mistress.

#360446276: Hm.

I’m not a cruel person by nature, and I do want to get off myself. He’s obviously begging for chastisement. Surely there’s to be a way to help us both.

#360446276: Yes, that’s clear, but I can’t ignore this. You were told to clean my toys, and instead of following my order, here you are mewling on your back like a kitten.

#360446238: But I did clean Your toys, Mistress!

#360446276: All of them?

#360446238: Of course!

#360446276: Well, you still interrupted me.

#360446238: I’m so sorry Mistress *kisses Your feet and licks Your toes*


I decide to ignore the foot worship, because it does nothing for me. Time to get this back on track.

#360446276: Come here, my wicked boy. *gets up off of pillows and crooks finger for you to follow*

I think about it for a moment and add:

#360446276: *gestures for you to crawl*

#360446238: *gets up and crawls on hands and knees*

#360446276: At least you’re already naked for me, that’s a bonus.

#360446238: Yes, I know You like me naked, Mistress.

#360446276: *Stops and turns* Show me your hard cock.

#360446238: *rises to knees and juts hips out. A long…thick…hard cock is standing straight out*

I roll my eyes. The size of a cock has never been a big issue with me, but every fucking guy on here always has to assure me that his cyber-cock is both generous and plenty.

However, now is not the time.

Or maybe…

#360446276: You call that a long thick hard cock? *rolls eyes* I’ve seen bigger cocks on Tea-cup Chihuahuas.

#360446238: *whimpers* *stares at impossibly hard cock*


#360446276: Now, go get my paddle, the nipple clamps, my vibe and…the biggest butt plug in the drawer.

Let’s see what you say to THAT?

#360446238: *cock gets even harder* *crawls to the drawer across the room and pulls it open with teeth.* *looks back at You for permission to use hands to bring them over*

#360446276: You may.

#360446238: *rises to knees* *grabs vibrator, clamps and plug* *carries them over, walking on knees*

#360446276: You forgot something, my wicked.

#360446238: *grins*

#360446276: Oh, I’m not spanking you *more* for forgetting that shit. Just go get that paddle and leave the rest of the gear on the dresser.

#360446238: *puts everything down on dresser and brings paddle over*

How should I do this? Is he too heavy to take over my knee? I’m not sure…I think about what would turn me on…

#360446276: *takes paddle* Go put both hands on the wall over there. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and bend over.

#360446238: *walks on hands and knees to wall* *stands* *gets into position* *turns to look at You over shoulder*

Perhaps I should give him something, here. Like a description or something? Something about how hot he’s making me?

#360446276: *runs hands over your ass and legs* I love the way you are bent for me, how accessible you are. *brushes your balls and asshole with fingertips*

#360446238: *leans back into Your hands*

I may not know much, but I’m pretty sure that shit’s not kosher unless I say so.

#360446276: *SPANK!*

#360446238: *moans*

#360446276: I think you like this too much. *SPANK!* I don’t know why I’m even wasting my time with you, you dirty little boy. *SPANK* Perhaps I should just deny you everything for bothering me while I was reading. *SPANK!* *SPANK-SPANK!*

#360446238: No! Mistress, please! *whimpers*

#360446276: *steps away from you* I’m not going to spank you just because you want it. I think we need to move on to something else.


I suck at this.

I don’t have a clue what to do. I rack my brain, trying to come up with something. He likes pain…and I do want to get him off, but I’m supposed to punish him. How the fuck does this work?

Plus, I want to get off…

#360446238: *groans*

Well, that kind of turns me on.


#360446276: No. I want you to get me off. If you do an excellent job, then maybe I’ll let you come. But first, I need to dress you up. Bring the other items…one at a time.

#360446238: *gets back to hands and knees and crawls to dresser and fetches clamps* *walks on knees back to You.*

#360446276:  Good boy. *takes clamps*

I feel suddenly inspired.

#360446276:  What’s this? *notices chain in the shape of a Y attached to clamps*

#360446238: *groans*

#360446276: I think I need to find something else to add to the other end of these chains.

Wait…how am I supposed to do this? Should I massage his nipples first?


#360446238: Yes! Please Mistress! *Licks fingers and plays with nipples, getting them hard*

Whew! At least he knows what he’s doing.

#360446276: You want these on your nips?

#360446238: Fuck yes!

#360446276: *puts clamp on right nipple* *tugs*

#360446238: Mmmmmnnnnn!

#360446276: *puts other clamp on left nipple* *tugs again*

#360446238: Fuck! Please let me touch my cock, Mistress! *puts hands behind back, trying to be good* *cock hard and leaking*

Oh, fuck me against the wall, that’s hot.

#360446276: You turn me on with your begging and moaning, pet. But I’m not finished dressing you. Go get me a cock ring…the one with the thing to attach to the chains.

Shit. He’s gonna know I don’t know what I’m talking about.

#360446238: *crawls to dresser* *opens with teeth* *pulls out leather cock ring with d-ring on it*

Ohhhh. THAT’S what it’s called.

#360446238: *brings You the cock ring*

#360446276: Good boy. *grabs cock and strokes you*

#360446238: *moans*

#360446276: *puts cock ring on and attaches chain to it* *gives chain a tug*

#360446238: Please, Mistress. Let me fuck You!

#360446276: Is that what you want? I thought you wanted pain! *slaps you across the face*

Not sure why I did that, but my clit twitched when I typed it.

#360446238: Mmmmmnnn! *leans into Your hand*

Oh. I guess he liked it, too.

#360446276: I’m not finished dressing you, boy. Get your ass over there and grab that butt plug.

#360446238: *crawls to the dresser and grabs plug AND LUBE* *walks on knees back to You*

Oh, right. I guess lube would be a good idea.

#360446276: *points to wall* Back into position. This time, I want your hands spreading your ass-cheeks apart.

#360446238: *rests head against wall* *bends over* *reaches around and pulls ass cheeks apart* *turns to look at You*

#360446276: I like you looking at me.

#360446238: I know.

#360446276: *swallows*

#360446276: Are you still…um, green?

#360446238: *Kelly,* Mistress. I trust You.

#360446238: Permission to speak freely?

#360446276:  Yes.

#360446238: Would You use Your fingers on me first? Stretch me out? I like that a lot.

#360446276: Absolutely.

I breathe a sigh of relief. He knew I didn’t know what to do, and he offered to help me. It kind of turned me on that he managed to tell me what to do without getting out of character.

#360446276: *puts lube on fingers and anal plug* *sets plug aside* *rubs your asshole with one finger to relax you*

I think that’s right.

#360446238: Ohhhh! *pushes back against Your hand* Mistress, yes! Please! More!

I find one of my hands going to my clit. Shit, I can’t type and do this. I reach for my vibe. I turn it on and set it on my chair. I straddle it, easing my weight down. It tickles and I giggle a minute, but once I put my full weight on it….

“Oh fuck me!” I say, and get back to the keyboard.

#360446276: *presses with finger, sliding into your tight hole*

#360446238: Ung! Yes! *moves back and forth, fucking your finger* More! Please!

I have to take a deep breath.

His begging does things to me. No one’s ever begged before!

#360446276: That’s right. Let me hear you beg. *adds a second finger and presses down*

I think the prostate is down…right?

Will he tell me if I’m wrong?

#360446238: Yes!!!!!

OK, then. I’m sliding all over my vibe, but my orgasm is eluding me. I think it’s all this hard work….

#360446276: *fucks you with fingers of one hand* *reaches around with other and yanks your chain*

#360446238: Ahhhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck!

#360446276: *yanks chain again*

#360446238: Yes! Mistress! Fuck! *presses into Your hand*

#360446276:  Do you need more fingers, pet? Or are you ready for your plug?

#360446238:  NO! Fuck! Please! I want it! The plug! Please!

#360446276: *picks up lubed anal plug* *massages your opening, pressing gently*

#360446238: *presses back*

#360446276: *inserts plug* Look at you, wicked boy. All tricked-out with your pretty baubles. You are just the darlin-est thing I’ve ever seen! *taps plug*

#360446238: Unnng!

#360446276: Come, here, pet. I need your fingers.

#360446238: Yes! *falls to knees, chain dragging on the floor and crawls to You*

#360446276: *sits on pillows* *tosses book aside* C’mere, my wicked boy. I want you holding me. *sits up so you can sit behind*

#360446238: *moves behind You* *cock, nipple clamps and chain rub against Your back*

Hm. I grind on my vibe a little more. I sit up and readjust the setting. Much more and I’m gonna come too soon.

#360446276: *leans back and snuggles into your embrace* Now, my pet, I want you to pleasure me with your hands and this vibrator. It’s a standard vibe. Do you know what to do with it?

#360446238: Yes, Mistress.

#360446276: I want to you talk to me, and tell me what you’re doing.

#360446238: Of course, Mistress. Will you let me come all over You?

Hm. Should I allow him to come?

#360446276: Not yet.

#360446238: *groans*

#360446276: I want your hands on me. Make me feel good with your hands, and then we’ll see.

#360446238: *rubs hands over Your chest, under the top of Your tank, flicking Your nipples*

OK. Here we go. I ride the cone like a horse.

#360446276: Hnng! Do hoof! *pudhrd bsvk shdindy yhr vhsnind snf yout vovk*

Oops! I move my left hand back into correct position on the keyboard.

#360446238: *kisses Your earlobe* I love when I make You incoherent, Mistress. I’m so happy You let me put my hands on Your body. I want to make You feel good, Mistress. May I take Your shirt off?

#360446276: Yes!

Fuck, why do I like him asking, politely? Men don’t usually ask, it’s all business and caveman shit.

#360446238: *turns vibrator on* *holds it in one hand, whilst taking Your shirt off* *material snags on clamps and pulls* Unng! *rubs vibe on Your nipples and tummy*

#360446276: Fuck! Yes, pet! *leans back and nuzzles your neck* *runs hands along your thighs*

#360446238: Is that good, Mistress? May I rub this vibe on Your legs and watch Your skin quiver?

#360446276: *whimpers* Yes!

#360446238: *runs vibe LIGHTLY over the inside of Your legs, close to Your pussy* Would you like this wicked boy to put the vibe on your clit, Mistress?

#360446276: *nods and grips your thighs*

#360446238: May I take Your pants off?

#360446276: Here, let me. *gets up and pulls pants and panties off very quickly* *lies back in your arms*

#360446238: *takes a minute to admire Your naked body with hands* *inserts tip of vibe just inside Your slit, resting it against Your clit*

#360446276: *grinds against vibe*

Then, I grind against the vibe on my chair. I lean forward a little and have to steady myself with my hands. I’m unable to type for a minute.

#360446238: *rubs cock against Your back, pulling on the chains on cock and clamps* *presses vibe harder* Is that OK, Mistress, that my cock is hard for You, that I want to fuck You while dressed up for You?

#360446276: Yes, my pet, but I need you to make me come first. Quit teasing me, and get me off! *reaches behind back and jerks chain*

#360446238: *groans* *cock is very hard, aching* Yes, Mistress. *inserts vibe in Your pussy* *rubs Your clit with fingers, slowly*

#360446276: Ung! Harder! *clneches pussym msucles agains vibrator*

#360446238: *thrusts vibe in and out of Your pussy* *rubs fingers around and around Your clit* May I pinch it Mistress?

God, I get so excited when I read what he wants to do. I pinch it myself in anticipation.

#360446276: yed pet! do whart ever ou want to it!

I stop pinching my clit, because it’s hard to type one-handed.

#360446276: *wiggles in your arms rubbing against the chains*

There’s a long wait for his next message. I’m getting so close I can’t think straight. I close my eyes and try to imagine what he’s doing right now. Probably jerking off like a mad man.

#360446238: Oh, Mistress! Need to come! please!

I open one eye and see the message, I’m close, but I think he needs something, so I start typing, “Yes, pet! Do it!” but then his next message pops up and I lose all sense and reason again.

#360446238: *Pinches Your clit, then flicks it, rubs fingers riughly all around teh outside of Your pussy while fcking You with teh vib*

That does it. I come against my vibe with a shout that makes the neighbors bang on the walls to get me to shut up.

It almost ruins my orgasm.

Still enjoying the vibrations below, I get my shit together enough to type by leaning up from the vibe.

#360446276: I’m coming, pet! I’m coming! Lie back, I’m gonna fuck your brains out!

The next message takes even LONGER to arrive. No doubt he’s typing one-handed, too. Fuck, but he’s better at it than me….

#360446238: *pulls vibe out, sets it aside* May I suck the come from Your pussy, Mistress?

Oh, fuck, why didn’t I think of that?

#360446276: Yes, my pet. Clean my pussy before I fuck you.

I sit back down on my vibe and shudder.

#360446238: *lies back and pulls You up so You are straddling face*

Oh…like that? I turn the vibe up again. I know this is gonna be great.

#360446276: *grinds into your face* Ung! Yeah!

I’m starting to get that achy feeling when it’s too much, but I persevere. Maybe I can come again. I’m certain as fuck I’m going to try.

#360446238: *French kisses Your pussy and clit, sucking and tongue fucking You* *watches Your face*

I check the picture again to make sure I’m right about the facial hair. I take my time, trying to focus on typing.

#360446276: *looks down at you with eyes half open* *rubs pussy against the stubble on your face*

#360446238: *moans against Your pussy* *suchs harder*

#360446276: Shit. I need to fuck you now. *pulls off of your face and straddles your hips. *enjoys staring at your wet face*

#360446238: *grabs Your thighs to help You aim*

#360446276: Thank you, pet. *slides wet pussy along your hard cock*

Long fucking wait for the next message. I prepare my next message and wait…well not wait. I’m grinding, and then, like a roller coaster, it hits me again.


#360446238: Thank You, Mistress!

I ignore my cyber-sex partner while I shudder through the multi-O.

I turn the cone down, enjoying the aftershocks, and manage to continue.

#360446276: *raises up and grabs your cock, pulling on teh chain again*

#360446238: Ung! hurtd so goos Mistress!

#360446276: *slides down your cock, slowly*

#360446238: Yes Mistress! please lrt me cme!

#360446276: Come whenever you want, pet.

#360446238: May I thrust into Tou, Mistress?

#360446276: Yes, pet. Fuck me hard!

I give my clit one more go with my fingers, grinding on the cone.

#360446238: *lifts Yiu up and thrusts HARD*

#360446238: *repeatedly*

#360446276: Yes! Just like that, pet! Don’t stop!

#360446238: mistress im comung!!!!

#360446276: Yes! Pet! Do it! Come for me! *fucks you hard and comes*

Well, not in real life, but…you know, actually, my pussy is overly stimulated. I can’t take any more of this without a break.

I turn off the cone.

I wait for him to type.

Nothing happens.

I look around the room and get up. I take the vibe into the bathroom and set it in the sink.

Hm. I may need to take the trash out again. A smile creeps up my face as I imagine the possibility of glimpsing sun-kissed tawny hair.

I go back to my desk and start to log out, but I see he’s posted again.

#360446238: *comes hard in Your pussy* Oh! Thank You, Mistress!

OK, dude. I think we’re done.

I notice the time. The cute guy with the nicely muscled shoulders near the elevator usually takes his trash out about now.

What’s his name?

I can never remember, but his eyes are a piercing clear blue.

But back to cyber-subby….

#360446276: *collapses on your chest*

#360446238: Ung! Mistress! Will You take the clamps and cock ring out?

Fuck. After care.

#360446276: Yes, my pet. *carefully removes nipple clamps and rubs a soothing balm on them*

I think. Isn’t that what they do?

#360446238: *hums contentedly*

OK, then.

#360446276: *snaps cock ring off* Turn over, pet.

#360446238: *turns over*

#360446276: *eases anal plug out*

#360446238: Thank You Mistress.

#360446276: Do you need me to run you a bath?

#360446238: No, mistress. Thank You for playing with me. Not many people are into it.

#360446276: Well, I hope I did OK. I’ve never…um, done that before.

#360446238: It’s OK. You did great.

#360446276: Really?

#360446238: For your first time, yeah. It was fine. I got off!

#360446276: Well…good. So did I.

#360446238: *grins*

#360446276: So…would you like to meet up again?

I mean, he is easy to talk to….

#360446238: I only do anon. But…maybe, if you’re on when I’m on. Put a pic up, and if I like it, I’ll join in.

#360446276: OK.

#360446238: Well, again, it was nice to play with you.

#360446276: OK.

#360446276: Bye.


The “subby”

I clean the jizz off my belly with a wet washrag after leaving the board.

Fuck, that chick was hot. I wonder if she looked anything like the picture, or if she’s some fat cow…or a man?

Not that I mind men. That could have worked, but it would be false advertising…Of course, I’m as guilty as anyone.

My now limp cock rests against my thigh, my bottle of motion-lotion and Fleshlight nearby on my desk. I don’t put them away because, really, who ever comes in here except me?

I pull my bed pants up from where they rested around my thighs. I scratch my balls and stretch.

I don’t actually own any of the toys we talked about, but I like the idea of being dominated and having someone do those things to me.

I think about the chat while I rinse out my toy, and my cock stirs again.

Hm. I wonder if I’d actually like to do them in real life.

I wheel my chair into the kitchen and open the cabinet under the sink.

That pizza I threw out last night stinks. I need to get it in the trash, ASAP.

I pull the bag out, tying it up and setting it on my lap.

It’s not SO gross. I mean, it’s not like I throw out anything wet in there.

It’s not like I need condoms for my activities.

I open my apartment door, and roll myself down the hallway.

Just then, the girl who lives down the hall comes out. She has trash too.

She sees me and smiles.

I wonder briefly if she’s stalking me. I see her more often than not, these days.

I find myself looking for excuses to take out the trash more than once-a-day.

“Hi,” she says, shyly.

I follow her to the trash chute at the end of the hall.

“Nice shirt,” I say, commenting on the pink Power Ranger on the front. “Ivy, right?”

“Yeah, thanks…um…Daniel,” she says, brushing her bangs out of her face. Her chestnut hair is pulled up in a ponytail, so I can see her blush. She doesn’t look me in the eyes.

I grin.

I wonder if she is why I chose that pic, tonight. She kind of looks like the girl in the picture.

She holds the door to the stairwell open for me, and I hold the trash chute open for her. We throw out our trash and head back.

I watch her ass as she moves.

Hm, She’d probably never wear cargo pants, but I’ll bet she likes to read.

the end

although the material is original, this story was first posted as fanfiction and edited by FFF1664, and pre-read by kikki7 and bornonhalloween. thanks chicas!

worth a thousand words was posted on squeeze my lemon, hosted by the dirty cheeky monkeys


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