fan fiction

Inappropriate Touching



3 thoughts on “fan fiction

  1. Just wondering if you have taken these stories off-line for good? As usual, I’m much too late to the party. *sigh*

    1. Hi, Anna!

      I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with my stories. The vindictive little girl in my head wants to say “fuck it,” but the raging optimist in me is all, “Come on, finish it and get on with your life.”

      We’ll see. I have some time on my hands, and the writing juices are flowing a bit. I hope so, but I really don’t want to get your hopes up.

      Thanks for taking the time to write.


  2. hehe no worries. I asked in april last year, so I hope you’re getting your things together now! I was interested in reading Catching the Train.

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