11 stormy pinkness

The things we cherish are small indeed

So much greater the need

Stormy pinkness

Set me thanklessly free

Excerpt from “Stormy Pinkness” by TMBG

Jasper POV

I couldn’t look away from Bella, because that would make me look guilty. But I was very tempted to look at my sister, who had not called me out on any of my tells this evening. Now would be the perfect time for her to speak up. Only she didn’t.

Bella, of course, wasn’t speaking, either. So here I was, forced to explain…something.

Edward would be easily dealt with. Like many overly logical people, he could be swayed by any well-reasoned argument, even if it was unlikely to resemble actual human behavior.

Emmett, too, must sense something, but he wasn’t the sweetest sucker on the Dum-Dum truck, so he, too, could be fairly well managed.

Rosalie, of course, was another matter. She was the wild card…and all of this was further complicated by Bella’s ineptitude at conversation.

What to say?

“Jasper and Alice work together and I’m afraid he’ll tell her I lifted the restraining order!” Bella blurted.

The woman can’t put three words together without pausing, clearing her throat, or stumbling, but put her up against the wall, and…who knew?

“Work together, eh?” Rosalie finally showed her hand. “Is that what the kids are calling it on the street these days, Jasper?”

“Huh?” Emmett said.

I kept my poker face firmly attached and replied to Emmett with what was essentially common knowledge, “Alice often reps the separated spouses of my clients. Saying ‘we work together’ is, I agree, Rose, not a truthful explanation of our interaction. I would say we parry on opposites sides of the argument.”

“OK. If that’s what you’re going with…” she replied. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I would have to deal with her and soon.

“But Bella is right,” I continued. “We’ve met. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that she was Alice’s sister until she told me her name. I thought I recognized you from…” I tapped my pointer finger on my lips, seemingly trying to pull the event in which we were introduced out of thin air.

“Court,” Bella helped.

“Files,” she added, rolling her eyes for emphasis.

“Yes, that was it. Thank you for reminding me. Although, because Alice and I are mortal enemies in the court room, your secret is safe with me, Bella.”

I liked using this nickname that I was pretty positive no one outside this room had ever used for her. She smiled smugly every time someone said it. Was it yet another secret wish fulfilled since meeting Edward Masen? How was he able to bring her out of her shell, I had no clue, but I had a feeling that finding out would be a lot of fun.

And I was completely honest when I told her I wouldn’t out her to my wife, and perhaps, when it was time for her to come clean, I could help lessen the blow somehow. After all, I was now complicit in this…whatever it was.

I wiped my mouth with my napkin while discreetly stealing a glance at my sister. She looked me in the eyes and met my coolness with icy precision. I sometimes forgot we were alike in that way.

Edward took this moment to get back on track. “Well, that’s settled. Thank you for your discretion, Jasper. Bella needs all the sympathetic friends she can get when it comes to Alice, I think.” He gave me a ‘man-to-man’ nod, and I returned it.

“Well, no need to hang out here on my account, then, right?” I said smiling to the weird and horny couple.

Edward wasted no time slipping on his gloves, “I’ll go get your coat.”

I wondered why Bella looked wistful when he did that. What a weird duck.

Whatever fears Rose and Em had about Bella and Edward were not about to be thwarted by any intervention on my part, so I saw no reason to keep them here when they both clearly wanted to go.

Hmm, on second thought, maybe I should pull Bella aside while Edward was grabbing her coat. Wait. Why was he grabbing her coat to cross the hall? I’m sure, if pressed, Edward could rationalize it…but I wasn’t about to step into that crazy-hole.

“Bella, I need to talk to you about Edward. Would you come into the den with me?” I whispered to her.

She nodded.

I led her to the room and slid the doors closed behind us.

“I don’t know what Edward has told you about himself, and while I certainly don’t want to get in the middle of anything or make you upset or embarrassed, I think there’s something you need to know about him before you leave here.”

She stared. And blinked.

I decided to continue.

“He’s had sex before. I don’t know all the details, but I remember that after it happened, Rose was running the store by herself for over six weeks because Emmett couldn’t leave Edward’s apartment…Bella, he was on suicide watch at home.”

Bella stared at me, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. I needed to wrap this up quickly; I don’t do tears. Luckily, for me, Alice’s were always fake, and I actually found those quite humorous.

“I’m not telling you not to do anything with him…just…follow his lead. Be careful…wrong choice of words I guess, but, you know…”

She nodded.

“Yeah. I guess you really do. OK, little sis-in-law. Have fun.” I patted her head, hesitated, and then gave her a hug. She relaxed in my embrace.

Suddenly feeling like the moment was loaded with as much seriousness as it could handle, I broke the hug and the tension. Wagging my finger at her like a parent would, I said, “Don’t stay out too late, and call if you need a ride.”

She snickered.

“Well, don’t do the last part. Call a cab.” And then I made like I was going to fish out a twenty, and she rolled her eyes and left the room.

Edward was waiting in the foyer with her coat held in his latex-covered hands. I saw the hair rise on Bella’s arms as she spied the rubber material.

Fuck. She was totally into latex…must run in the family…

It might have been a little creepy, but I suddenly wished I could be a fly on the wall for what was about to happen between those two. Just out of kinky curiosity.







Edward and Bella left the relative safety of Rosalie and Emmett’s home and crossed the hall into the unknown.

Both were sweaty, like teenagers about to embark on an illicit adventure in the back of Daddy’s car…as long as said car was covered in latex and plastic, with medical grade ventilation and a large box of condoms…just in case.

Edward was nervous about germs and something he knew of only in theory: premature ejaculation.

Bella was nervous about the fact that the lighting in his apartment was bright…she also briefly worried about premature ejaculation.

Even though it meant that any interaction would be seriously waylaid (bad choice of words)…delayed…no, not any better…fuck. Let’s just say that these two were not likely to actually GET laid at all this evening without the time-consuming use of protective gear. This fact threatened to slow the process, but hardly diluted the UST poisoning.

Edward took her coat off again. Both inwardly realized how silly it was that Edward took the trouble to put it on her in the first place if they were only crossing the hall, but common sense wasn’t wasted on these two. Not even a little.

Edward awkwardly offered her tea, which she declined.

He could see a fierce determination on her face that belied the extreme fear of judgment brewing beneath.

She suggested they sit down to talk…well, actually, she gestured to a sofa that looked like it would be more at home in a shrink’s office than said shrink’s patient and said, “Wanna talk?”

Both knew that there would be very little talking. Bella because she had no intention of doing so, and Edward because he was dealing with a new and insistent obsession: seeing Bella naked as soon as possible.

Edward offered her his favorite chair, a swanky leather lounge that cozied up to an equally swanky ottoman. He took the psycho-sofa.

She was only a little disappointed that they weren’t sitting together. In her experience, it was a lot easier to start making out if both were seated side-by-side…but perhaps she was getting ahead of herself.

Edward took off his gloves, which caused temporary feelings of dejection on her part…but when he proceeded to procure a fresh pair from a box he kept in a drawer under the bench in front of the sofa, Bella bit her lip and fidgeted with her hands in her lap, looking longingly at Edward.

The UST went from poisonous to deadly in a flash.

Eyes dilated, Edward clapped the lights out in the living room and crawled across the ottoman to cup her face. He wasn’t about to kiss her, but he needed to touch her as soon as possible.

Bella threw her head back, baring her neck and reveled in the feel of latex, which may surprise most people to know is quite slippery if only a little pressure is applied. She sat on her hands to keep from grabbing his hands or his dick, she couldn’t choose which.

As his hands ghosted over her from chin to neck and then achingly slowly to cup her breasts, Bella moaned. This sound created a feeling in Edward that was so strong, it momentarily trumped his OCD.

Pulling her to the edge of the chair, he leaned in, one hand resting on the outside of her upper thigh, teasingly close to her ass, the other anchored to her breast.

He kissed the top of the cupped breast over her shirt, eliciting an even louder response. Then, he moved his hands to the highest buttoned button on her shirt, looking at her intently for permission to proceed.

She nodded, mouth agape, and he deftly opened her shirt, exposing her bra: black lace, see-through.

Edward now had a fetish to call his own.

Suddenly aware of the absence of her hands on him, he reached over to the box of gloves on the coffee table, offering her a pair.

She didn’t need him to tell her what to do. She donned them as adroitly as he did, wasting no time in divesting him of his own shirt.

His chest had clearly never seen the light of day, and even in this low light, it’s almost gray pallor was a contrast to the creamy rosiness of her own skin…and the yellow-beige of the gloves.

She ran her hands down his chest, her thumbs grazing his nipples. She was expecting him to hiss or moan. Only he didn’t.

Instead, Edward silently but quickly grabbed each of her wrists in his gloved hands, jerking her up from the chair. Because he was still kneeling on the ottoman, she was now face-to-face with him.

“Bella, I want to do a lot of things with you right now that I don’t fully understand…with my…” he took a ragged breath and licked his lips with an incomprehensibly dry tongue, “with my mouth…” Bella whimpered…”Please don’t worry. I won’t do anything to disrespect you…and I’m not sure what I can handle. All I know for certain is that I don’t want this to end…between us…Will you…can you tell me what to do next, please?”

Bella looked at him with terror and arousal, but she managed a most important word: “Strip.”

He did. With a quickness and efficiency that spun her head a little.

He looked at her. Naked. Unashamed. Cock pointing at her intimidatingly and said, “Your turn.”

She crawled clumsily over the ottoman to stand in front of him. He stepped back so he could watch her.

Perhaps it was the dimness of the room, lit only by the light in the foyer, which gave Bella the confidence to remove her pants. Or maybe it was the aching want that eclipsed any other considerations. Whatever the reason, once her pants were in a pile on a floor, she stood tall, showing Edward the black, see-through, lace panties which matched the bra he already (clearly) admired.

Now he hissed, noticing a lack of hair, where hair should be under the lace of those panties.

His mouth filled with saliva; Edward called out, “you were aroused!” when he finally realized why she had been drooling when they met.

Bella giggled.

She felt comfortable with Edward, more than with anyone else she’d seen naked, but she was still a little hesitant to finish undressing. And yet, here he was, sporting his birthday suit as if he wore it daily and in public. Even with his confidence, Bella felt a little bad about leaving him starkers while she clung to bits of useless fabric.

So, without ceremony, or even a little grace, she unhooked her bra, while he watched like he was learning something new…or possibly memorizing for playback later. His cock twitched and grew imperceptibly harder when her nipples were fully in view. He started to move toward her, but checked himself.

She had to lean forward to get her panties off and in her clumsiness fell forward, face planting into Edward’s crotch. She managed not to hit the head squarely, but her lips did inadvertently brush his length as she fell…well, she might have aimed a little.

Edward cried out at her touch, and backed away. He fell to the couch, while she remained tangled in her panties on the floor.

He stared at her, chest heaving, cock twitching, eyes wide with fear.

She didn’t move nor break their gaze.

He finally spoke: “I…I don’t think you should touch me anymore tonight…I mean, I want you to…touch me…very much. But I’m afraid of…” He looked at his cock like it was about to grow a second head. Seemingly satisfied that it wouldn’t, he looked back up at her, and reached out with his gloved hands to help her up from the floor.

Eyes trailing from her face downward, Edward noticed that she was indeed completely shaved. He let go of her hand, collapsing on the couch, eyes focused on the emerging wet pink of her engorged clit. “Leave the panties off,” he said, eyes bugged out, a hand gesturing and commanding exactly where she should said underwear as he spoke.

Owning some deeply seeded dominance he continued: “Move that goddamn ottoman out of the way, get on the chair, feet on the edge. Spread your legs and touch yourself the way you want me to touch you. I’ll learn what you like, and one day soon, Bella Swan, when we’re both ready, I promise I’ll put my hands on you and make you come, myself.”

What with the latex, and the shared nakedness, Bella needed no further exhortation to do exactly as he said.

While she ran her hands inside her thighs, working her way inward, Edward’s eyes took in everything.

He began stroking his cock…seemingly absentmindedly at first, but with growing insistence as her well-disciplined fingers found her clit.

Bella, too, was infatuated with his cock, straight and well proportioned. Her mouth watered. Edward noticed, but wasn’t worried anymore.

Watching, learning what felt good by sight and sound alone, they mirrored each other’s pace; Bella rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself, Edward, with a leg thrown over an arm of the couch, tugged and squeezed and stroked with one hand, and fondled his balls with the other.

The room was silent except for the wet skin noises and the occasional grunt from Edward and throaty moan from Bella.

Finally, once both were glistening with sweat and other fluids, the rhythm of their shared-self-love-making reaching a glorious presto, Bella screamed, “Fuck!” prompting Edward to shoot a thick stream of semen up his belly. He retched and reached for a box of tissues in the coffee table drawer.

Bella just sat back, head lolling to the side, still spread open, face serene.

She had never said a curse-word out loud before. She had never made any noise that loud before…

Edward had never come without a condom on before…well, except in the shower. His semen was even more disgusting than he had imagined it would be.

Although he knew, intellectually, that it was his own fluids, and there was no threat of contamination, the sensation of the sticky fluid on his body (particularly without the presence of soap), was too much for him to handle.

Head down and focused again on his OCD, he ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Bella considered asking if she could join him, but she was too busy enjoying her post-orgasmic high.

Plus, she knew it was unlikely that he would consent.



As I was about to enter the shower, smeared and dried semen starting to cause my skin to itch, I hesitated. Once I got in, I would not only wash away this ejaculate, but also Bella’s touch. I found that, when it came to her…sex with her…I had new, buried instincts that pushed heavily against everything I believed about germs.

I rather wanted her germs…or at least, I wanted to be in that place between her legs, where I had always known the worst germs—STD germs—resided. It wasn’t a feeling I’d experienced before.

Bella, she was shiny, pink, devoid of any place for disgusting crustaceans and other microscopic entities to hide. I never wanted to wash her scent from me. I wanted it in my nose and on my body always. And why not? She was beautiful and clean, glistening and slick and oh, fuck, I was hard again.

I resisted the urge to masturbate in the shower, and instead wondered about what was going through my head. It made no sense at all intellectually, and that scared me more than anything ever had in my life.

Over the sound of the shower, I thought I heard her giggling…the sound was high-pitched, but soft. It made me unimaginably happy.

I soaped up once, and decided that I wouldn’t worry about whether or not the loss of Bella’s fluids was a good or bad thing. I had a more pressing matter: the woman in question, still presumably naked in my living room…

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