chapter 7

“Yeah?” he said, with half open eyes.

“I think I don’t care about dates. I think we should do whatever we want, and if we still want to read newspapers, or eat food or whatever other stupid shit people do when they date, I think we should do that, but if not, I think we should have no hard feelings. K?”

“But I think…that I like you…and I think I’m gonna want to, er, date you…or whatever.”

“OK. I think I’m OK with that,” I said.

“And you won’t think I’m taking advantage?”

“Only if you think I am,” I said. Then, I sat up and pulled my shirt over my head.

“Fuck me…”

“OK,” I agreed.

Then he was on me like ants on…honey…shit…he did say he had some, right?

I forgot to follow my fantasy, because what was playing out was way better.

His lips were firm and wet and all over the fucking place. I kissed him back wherever I could get to, but he was hard to pin down. So I ended up in weird places like hair (Oh, fuck! The musky man-smell of his hair!), ears (I had to lick the skin behind), eyebrows (OK, I’ll lick those, too) and forearms (I resisted the urge to bite his taut muscles…I scrapped my teeth along them instead).

His hands grabbed a fist full of ass before rubbing up my back and then resting in my hair.

“I’ve wanted you…” he said between kisses and moans.

“You did?” I asked when I took my mouth away from his earlobe where I’d been sucking and biting.

I wanted to suck his cock, but his ear would have to do for a moment.

A short moment.

“I thought you stopped coming to the spa because…” he kissed down my neck, “I wasn’t…”

Then he pulled one of my bra straps down and slipped a nipple into his mouth.

“No!” I moaned, sliding my hand down, trying to grasp the button on his jeans, “you were just too…”

He bit my nipple and I cried out, bucking my hips, and grabbed his face, pulling it to me and wrapping both legs around him, trying to get some friction.

“I was?” he said, grinding into me. Then he pushed me back and climbed on to the table and continued the same dance horizontally…

Yes, way better.

“Yes! I couldn’t take it!” I said pushing into him, my panties now a useless wet rag.

He reached down and gripped a thigh, pulling me even closer.

“We need to get rid of these clothes!”

“OK!” I said, right before he covered my mouth with his again. This time, the kiss was deep, as he plunged his tongue into my mouth and sucked on my lip.

I struggled with his button, until he batted my hand away and pulled his pants off himself. He was back on me, kissing, pulling my other bra strap down, sloppily removing the now uncomfortable lace and metal garment. I undid the clasp, while he pulled his shirt off one-handed.

The other hand was next to my head, his thumb in my mouth. He moved it away from me long enough to throw his shirt in the direction of his kitchenette, and then his mouth attacked my tits again.

I worried for a moment that I was wiggling too much. He laughed against my skin and moved harder against me.

Next thing I knew, he was peeling my panties down my thighs, promising me an unprofessional massage.

“Yes, please,” I said pushing my hips toward his face, which was currently about three feet away.

He made his way back up my legs, massaging my inner thighs.

“Oh, god,” he moaned, his nostrils flaring as he breathed deep.

Oh, shit. I didn’t take a shower today.

Are you just now thinking of this?

Fuck, there’s been a lot to worry about!


His mouth was so close I could feel his breath.

“I just want you to know something,” I said, panic coloring my voice.

“What? Are you really a man?” he said, methodically checking out my pussy for a taped up cock.

“No!” I said, rising up on elbows.

“Are you planning to become a man?”

“No! What the fuck?”

“Then what’s so important?”

“I, uh…fuck. I haven’t had a shower…today.” Since Friday morning.

He grinned and gripped my thighs tighter. “Good,” he said before plunging his tongue inside me.

“Whaaaaaaaa?” I tried to say…or ask…fuck. I didn’t care anymore.

He swirled his tongue around my clit, teasing, then moved it from side to side. He moaned against it.

New! New! My clit cried.

Fuck, she falls for anything novel.

My whole body spasmed in response, and he moved on to something else. It’s like he just knew she’d get bored, soon.

I was lost in the sensation of pressing, sliding, swirling, flicking…shit, I lost track, mindlessly enjoying each new thing.

Suddenly, I was perched on a high cliff, looking at the water below, dying to jump.

Then he added a thumb to the mix, while his tongue navigated lower.

I bucked under the new sensation, and that was it. I was over the edge.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” I cried, and did he slow down? Or say, ‘OK, job’s done!’?

Fuck no, he didn’t! He went harder.

“I…Aaaanggg…” was all I could manage.

His tongue was working my clit roughly, now, while his fingers were exploring…first one…

“Nnnnn!” he said against my clit. “So tight! Zeus and Hera, how in the fuck?”

Then he added another, his well-trimmed fingernails sliding deliciously against inner flesh.

Having sent away any part of me that cared for self-restraint, I started moving with him, grinding against his hand and face.

A persistent evil part of me observed that the last time I did this, all oral sex ceased immediately, but Edward seemed to like it, so I ignored that dark voice.

Then, he added a third finger…so full! He pumped them in and out, slowly at first, finding a rhythm we could work together.

I had already pulled my feet up near my hips, and now, I used that leverage to fuck his hand.

His face moved away and he just stared at me.

“What?” I managed to say, although, I think I must have sounded angry, because he laughed at me, called me “Kitteny-cute” and then said he wanted to watch me come.

That did it.

I reached down and rubbed my clit while he watched us work together.

There have been three great orgasms in my life.

The first, was…obviously…the first. Until that point, I’d only been an amateur at self-pleasuring, a kid who liked to relax with a hand between her legs after along day at school.

That day…that first time…I’d been going at it, and I ventured out of my typical up and down holding pattern. I don’t know why…just bored, I guess.

Anyway, I tried around and round…and…oh, fuck…it was like I’d found a hidden room full of treasures.

And I was suddenly a LOT wetter. I had to spread it out a bit…seemed like the thing to do, and I found myself reaching in. That was new, too. Not as good as the outside, but the sensation seemed to build.

Before I knew it, I was rubbing furiously.

And then…I felt this…thing…this new feeling this…

“Ahhhhh,” I said, then slapped a free hand over my mouth.

I was tingly all over, but especially where I’d been rubbing.

I passed out right away.

And so I did it every day before bed from then on. I was totally hooked on getting off to get to sleep.

The second on my list was my first partnered orgasm. It wasn’t that great in retrospect, but the excitement level was so upped by having someone else participate, that I thought it was off the rails for like two months.

The third on my list was my first G-spot-O. I had decided, after fucking pretty regularly through college with inconsistent and sometimes disastrous results, that this was something I needed to figure out for myself.

I was dating this younger guy, who was game for any kind of fucking, so when I told him I wanted to ride on top, he enthusiastically agreed.

I worked on top of him, sliding around, trying to find just the right spot, and then…it was like someone turned on a light in a dim room. There it was.

I jerked and he asked if I was OK. I think my look said it all. I aimed my pelvis and he pounded into me from below.

Fuck, that one was great.

I’ll admit that kind of thing isn’t something that’s happened often with me since then.

Sex outside of college had run the gamut of good and less good. And like anything, it had topped out. I was resigned that sex wasn’t getting any better. I learned all I needed to know, and this was it.

But that was before Edward fucked me hard with three fingers on his massage table…which I discovered was very sturdily built.

Instead of riding a wave of pleasure that crashed on the beach, I was being carried like…like a roller coaster…into space. I gripped the table, back arching, toes curling and screamed.

But not like a roller coaster scream…well, actually, yeah, it pretty much like that.

I heaved as if I’d run to catch the bus, and looked down to see Edward…looking quite pleased with himself. Part of his lower lip slid under a single tooth. He pulled his fingers out, causing me to cry at both the loss and the painful sensitivity.

“Shit, sorry,” he said, kissing up my body in penance. Each touch of his skin on mine caused me to convulse.

“What?” I managed.

“I should have pulled out more carefully.”

“No! S’OK!”

“You say that a lot,” he observed. “I don’t think you ever mean it.”


Then, he was kissing my lips. I felt the muscles in my pussy still rocking with aftershocks.

That was new.

Finally, he was lying along my body, and had me surrounded: legs, arms, torso, feet and head. I was practically wearing the man.


I was missing something. Something didn’t happen that was supposed to happen…something that normally had already happened…

I ran the past hour or so in my head, then felt hardness against my thigh: Shit, I didn’t suck his cock.

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