This is Edward’s POV from near the end of Chatper 14. Remember when she introduced Grown-Up Swan to Edward and he wanted to introduce her to Horny Edward? Well…here it is:

Grown-Up Swan meets Horny Edward


“Edward Cullen, meet Grown-Up Swan,” she said.

I winked at her as we were “introduced.”

You’d better fucking introduce her to me, my cock demanded.

Poseidon’s Trident! You are so fucking impatient. Just…shut up; we’ll get there.

It’s not just me! Look at what she’s doing!

Iz was peeling her jeans off her smooth thighs, and I was suddenly famished. But not for stew.


My cock screamed at me to get him off the bench and in the game.

However Rational Edward said one word to pull us back into the moment: Dinner.

That’s right. See what you—er, she—did?

“You keep stripping, Iz and we’re gonna miss dinner again,” I said as I subtly adjusted my raging hard on.

“Promise?” she asked, her tits bouncing as she removed her shirt.

My cock was already five steps ahead fucking her brains out, but I somehow managed to set the wine glass down before attaching my hands to her body like tentacles.

The smell of her skin muddled my brain.

She does this shit on purpose. She’s fucking with me, and I can’t stand it, and I need it, but…fuck.

I managed to not bite her when I said, “Fuck…you are a very naughty girl—”

“—Hey!” she said, pulling away a tiny amount.

Cock blocker!

Yeah, big boy! You forgot about Grown-up Swan, didn’t ya?

I sat back and corrected my error.

She always forgave me so easily, which unfortunately didn’t encourage me to stop doing the things that required apologies. Although, the forgiving was so nice, sometimes I even messed up on purpose.

I finally got her bra off her shoulders and she pulled away to remove it.

Go after her! My cock cried.

Shut up, she’ll be back, I thought.

Only she wasn’t.

As I sat back, I watched her turn over and crawl on her hands and knees to set her bra carefully on the nightstand.

She turned her head to look at me.

That’s the signal! my cock pointed out. Let’s go, fucker!

I reached up slowly and peeled her panties down, my fingers pressing into the flesh of her thighs, because I knew she liked massages hard and deep. My cock twitched and I grinned.

Oh, you’ll get it hard and deep tonight, you horny bastard. Just you wait.

I growled at her pussy, so wantonly exposed with her on her knees, “Hi, Grown-up Swan,” I said, stealing a glance at her face. Half-lidded, her eyes opened up a very little as I used the new moniker, “I’d like to introduce you toHorny Edward.”

She giggled.

I watched her clit twitch and pussy contract as she admitted she’d wanted to meet him all day.

My cock was just pissed that he missed his favorite ringside seat for her giggles.

I talked him down, reminding him that certain conditions had to be met before he could feel her laughter for himself.


I watched her as she moved and groaned beneath my mouth, her hair pulling, grinding and wild arm movements making this activity one of my favorites.

Yeah, it works me up, too, my cock admitted.

Thigh massaging hands started getting in on the downtown action. Soon all my parts were intently focused on pleasuring this writhing, wild goddess.

Moans and groans morphed into insistent curses and vise-like pussy action.

Horny Edward rejoiced as she came on my mouth. I sucked her clit, grabbing her thighs in a desperate attempt to tame her…or maybe me, sometimes it was hard to tell.

Finally, she stilled and I pulled away. I looked around her ass and watched her eyes flutter as she rested her head against a cushion.

Grinning, face wet with her, I sat back to watch her body vibrating with want…

I waited patiently while your mouth had all the fun! Just look at that wet pussy! Now, let me have a go, for fuck’s sake! my cock commanded.

I ignored the fucker’s whining as I stared at her hypnotic ass, then at her head turning to stare back, smirk on her face, as if she could hear my demanding cock herself.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing…” she said, while her lower half swayed, brushing my aching dick. She painted her ass and thighs with pre-come and I had to force my eyes to look at her face again.

“C’mon,” I said, trying like hell to move this forward. I knew her nothing-face looked nothing like the smug expression she was wearing. “Tell me.”

“I just thought I was going to meet Horny Edward. This Edward seems more intent on satisfying me than behaving like crazy sex fiend,” she said, pulling away a little, as though we were finished.

See? See? my cock said, She’s fucking begging for it.

That’s reason number one why cocks can’t be trusted. Although she might have been asking for it, or more likely baiting me for it, it would be unwise to believe her moving away from my cock was begging.

Except to you, my one-track friend.

However, I would never pass up an opportunity to fuck her.

I grabbed her hips roughly as I aimed and thrust into her in a seamless movement, not stopping to check in, not even looking at her face, but with eyes trained on her pelvis, slamming into her and watching our muscles work together. I reveled in the rhythmic smacking and grunting.

My cock smugly reminded me that she was totally on board when he felt her pussy tighten around him.

Now about that giggling….

I got out of my head when she started to pull away from me, my cock almost slipping out of her. I glanced up to see her grinning evilly.

“Oh, is that how we’re gonna play?” I said, grabbing her hips harder and as she grunted a “Fuck, yes!”

But she kept pulling away, so I growled and continued fucking her with renewed enthusiasm.

She responded with a throaty laugh when I called her a fucking whore.

My cock advised me that her pussy really liked the name calling, too.

I adjusted her hips so my balls were smacking her clit just right and told her she was being a naughty-naughty bitch.

“Oh, yeah?” she said over her shoulder, “What are you gonna do Horny Man? Spank me?”

Horny Edward high-fived my cock and encouraged my gripping hands to get ready for some new fun.

“Oh, I’ll spank you alright,” I said, massaging her ass, and looking at her carefully to make sure she was really on board.

She leaned into my hands and bit her lip.

Then she turned away and hung her head. I slowed my thrusting, momentarily confused.

What was she doing?

“You call this fucking?” she asked when she turned to look at me again, eyes blazing with need. My breath caught in my chest. “I thought you were horny. I thought I was a fucking whore! Have you changed your mind, or are you going to punish me for being a very (clench) dirty (clench) naughty (clench, slide) bitch?”

“Oh sweetheart…You. Are gonna. Get it,” I said.

My hands were careful, and I held back the force I wanted to exert in an attempt to make this good for her, to not hurt her.

My words, however, were one hundred percent unadulterated Horny Edward: “I (smack) will fuck you (smack) whenever and however (smack smack) I want(smack)! You are a dirty (smack) whore (smack smack), just (smack) begging (smack) for me to (smack) make you come (smack). You make me hard (smack) all fucking day (smack), thinking of your (smack) pussy (groan), fuck!”

I lost it. The moaning and clenching and, fuck me, calling out my name. Only she could say “Edward” and, as easy as flipping a light switch, I was on for her.

I clung to her hipbones and rolled my hips while thrusting slow and deep as she pulsed around me. I closed my eyes and just felt—enjoyed—her orgasm, wanting it to last forever, wanting to freeze this moment.

I opened my eyes and registered her collapse right before it happened. I reached down and pulled her up, grasping her breasts, as she rode me while I came.

I held her tight against my chest, willing my cock to remain hard enough to stay put, but knowing that’s not how bodies work. I slipped out as we slid down to lie on the futon, my limbs enveloping her in the only way I could, nose buried in her hair, hanging on to the last of our uninterrupted peace.

Moving carefully, not wanting her to leave my embrace, I opened the drawer and grabbed the envelope, leaning over her so I could see her response.

She looked at it and then at me. She smiled and I saw her: Grown Up Swan. She was really in there, taking charge, shoving away every shred of Fucked Up Bad Shit that stood in her path.



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