OK, fine. Yes, this is about you. You and your incessant need to stalk me. Seriously, there are groups for this, with…um, steps…I think.

Anyway, if you’re at all interested in me, and can stop thinking about yourself for one god damn minute, I’ll tell you some things.

Private things.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites (in alpha-order, new words in bold):

alone atheist behind black blue bread bug caress chipped cup cock coffee collar dark dicknotisized dog ear evoke feet finger forgive fountain pen fuck godot guinness hard help inside intercourse jerk joy kinda like kitten lash little long lu moan moxie mr j music nap no numb offend open pandora perverdity poet poly protest purple queer raw real red rock rope scratch see slippery snark softly stiff paper subway ticky-tacky tree umbrella use vagina vegetable vodka voice wood would worship yell zeus zipper


4 thoughts on “who?

  1. Hey hon –
    just wondering how (and what) you’re doing these days. I hope you’re happy and healthy and close to do a major publishing deal for some epic original fic you’re writing :)
    From time to time, when new readers of Little Green come across that chapter where I rec’d IT, they would ask me about it as in, whatever happened to that amazing fic and its author.
    Just today someone asked me to pass the word that, if you’d ever publish something original, she’d be happy to buy it.
    Ok, word passed along! :)
    I hope this somewhat abandoned blog will notify you of my message.
    I miss you. I miss your wit, your honesty and straightforwardness. Among all the honey in the so-called fandom, you were water (with a mild, pleasant sparkle) – very re-freshing ;)

    Be well, BB
    xoxo Betti
    (who hopes you still even know who she is – LOL)

    1. I love you. Not in a sappy way. In a “wow, I really needed to read this today” way.

      That’s WAY cool. And I think you get that.

      I’m putting a toe back into writing. Not fanfiction. Probably not to sell. I hate money.

      I finished my degree (Master of Music) last month…can’t bring myself to sell my voice either…so…back to the drawing board.

      I’m gonna find Little Green and finish reading (or catch up, if it’s still WIP) that monster.

      @JustJenji I’ll follow you.


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