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An ending…

I just finished the first draft of the ending of my last fan fiction piece: Inappropriate Touching. I have an epilogue and outtake planned, which I hope to complete in the next few days.

Even if I don’t do them, as far as I am concerned, the story is told. The epilogue will revisit some of the secondary characters one more time, and give readers another HEA scene with E and B. The outtake is a surprise.

I plan to have chapter 24 up next week, maybe early in the week. The balance of the story will post as it is polished…every few days to a week.

Thanks again to everyone who has been supportive of this project.




Well, Now I Want to Write Fantasy

Maybe it’s just a phase. But after reading Johanna Penn’s blog post, a short guide to Writing Fantasy, by Ben Galley, I want to write a little fantasy myself. I may not have gotten into Tolkein’s fantasy, but I do enjoy George RR Martin and Deborah Harkness, and surely Chuck Palahniuk’s Diary contains some elements of fantasy—certainly elements of the supernatural.

I’ll roll this around in my brain for a while. In the meantime, this has given me something to consider for future original fiction projects.

Finding the character

So I ended up reading all of Inappropriate Touching. I didn’t mean to, but I was struggling with writing Bella’s voice. I finished chapter 25, but it felt like I was just plotting along, going from one outlined event to the next; a mindless drone.

Droolella is many things; a robot is not one of them.

I thought when I started writing again that each character would be comfy…like a worn old shoe.

Have you ever put a worn old shoe on?

It’s not usually as comfy as you imagine.

Is it possible to recapture that old feeling? I think it is, but it can never be exactly the same. The shoe will be stiff and your foot will invariably be puffier or longer or something.

It takes time. You just gotta wear the shoe. Wiggle your toes. Take it out and buy it dinner. Take a long walk on the beach. Get it warm and sweaty and wet…and suddenly you’re thinking about sex.

And latex.

And there it is.

The Itch

If you write, you know what it is. It’s that tingle in the back of the brain that won’t go away. You see places that beg to be explored. Characters talk in your head and they say things you feel compelled to write down. You … Continue reading The Itch

My leg, etc.

Apparently I wrote a metaphor so poorly that it’s been consistently mis-read as fact. There’s nothing wrong with either of my legs. I can bend them backwards and forwards like everyone else.

I’m dissatisfied with fanfiction. I don’t have any issues with the fanfictionistas. I just don’t have anything in common with any of them (I have no interest in Robsten, et al, I don’t have nor want children, I don’t like kitty porn and don’t have a secret wish that my husband would dominate me in bed) and all the fic I read seems like the same old shit…even the really fucked up stories. It’s boring.

But that’s not why I’m leaving. I’m leaving because I’d rather be a crap writer banging out my own shit for free, than a crap writer who has to thank and give credit to SM for free. That disclaimer is not fun to write. Also, I don’t need nor do I want constant ego boosting feedback. At first I liked getting reviews and comments, but most of it is useless fangirling, and it’s creepy and weird to me. It’s fine if you’re into it, but it’s just not my kink.

Lastly, thank you (all two or so of you) who’ve subscribed to this blog. It’s very kind of you to show your support.